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Child Protection

At P.U.M.A. we take child protection very seriously. We have an active child protection policy and also a dedicated child protection officer who looks after and heads the P.U.M.A. child protection team.

Our instructors and assistants are expected to attend regular child protection seminars. They are taught how our policy works and the best way to implement that policy to keep the children in our organisation as safe as possible.

It is a P.U.M.A. mandate that all instructors, assistants, helpers and anyone who is in contact with children are fully aware of the content of the policy and their responsibility to adhere to it.

All our instructors are CRB checked and required to do a full disclosure. This has to be updated on a 3 yearly basis.

A copy of the basic child protection policy can be obtained from me, just email and ask for more child protection information.